Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Cupcake Kids' and God's blessings

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to our Cupcake Kids' Sale for Sixty Feet's work in Uganda. Our sale raised more than $140, and the Cupcake Kids' website is reporting the total amount raised so far to be $47,358.55. Isn't it amazing what God does with our small offerings of time and love? He turns the hearts of children who love Jesus and want to show love to others into almost $50,000 to go directly to feed, clothe, buy Bibles for, and invest in the lives of precious children who are living in terrible circumstances. After the sale, Alex was required by his teacher (me) to write about all that he learned from planning and hosting the cupcake sale, and below is what he wrote (with a little grammar and spelling help from MS Word and Mama). Praise God that we have the opportunity to serve others together!

"Last week our family sold cupcakes to benefit Sixty Feet, a ministry that helps imprisoned children in Uganda. I learned many things from this service project.  Here are a few of the things we did and what I learned from them. When we were planning the amount of ingredients we needed, I learned how to use Microsoft Excel to add numbers.  I learned how to plan a project, because we had to plan many different details in order to have the cupcake sale. I helped my Mom with the baking, so I learned about baking and frosting cupcakes. I learned how to communicate with grownups while talking to people about Sixty Feet during our sale. I learned how to follow instructions better than I was before. I also learned how to make my presentation on the cupcake table look good. In conclusion, this cupcake sale taught me many things.  And through it all I learned that it is important to serve others." -- Alex Tatum

Remember, it is not too late to order some cupcakes from us for a donation to Sixty Feet ( message me at loveandtots3 at gmail) or contribute online via our virtual cupcake stand. Thank you again for all you have contributed so far!

Loving and Learning,

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